Control and Isolation Transformers

Designed to protect equipments from surge and spikes, our transformers can be used with modern sophisticated micro processor based equipment and are practically maintenance free!

There are two kinds of Isolation Transformers:

  • Shielded type Isolation Transformer
  • Ultra Isolation Transformer

Key features

  • High efficiency, high reliability and accuracy. Compact, rugged in construction, free standing, floor mounting model and housed in sturdy metal casing with sufficient ventilations.
  • Double wound with copper conductor with low coupling capacitance to isolate the voltage spikes and noise from the mains.
  • High insulation values.
  • Suitable for use with modern sophisticated micro processor based equipment, CNC machines, computers and other Industrial processing.
  • Supply and outgoing terminals brought out with proper brass bolts and double nuts and washers under sheet secured cover with proper marking.
  • The main body of the equipment shall have double earth arrangement.
  • To withstand the ambient temperature up to 55 centigrade and 95% humidity.
  • Transformers shall be provided with rating plate giving the details.
  • No spare required for 2 years of normal operation.


  • Isolation resistance shall be greater than 1000 M. Ohms at 500 V DC.
  • The transformer regulation shall be less than 7.5%
  • Noise/Spike suppression shall be more than 135 db.
  • The magnetizing current shall be less than 10% of the full current load.
  • The transformer shall in general meet IS: 2026.
  • The transformer is provided with one electrostatic shield between the primary and the secondary.


  • It can be used where there are spikes and noises in main supply system.
  • It is suitable to protect sophisticated micro processor based equipments, CNC machines and computer laboratories.

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