UPS-Uninterrupted Power Supply System

We specialize in excellent quality Online UPS that are widely used in various Commercial and Industrial segments to protect critical, costly and sensitive equipment from the electrical disturbances that can hamper their performance. These Online UPS safeguard computers and other electrical appliances from main-line failures, blackouts, high & low voltage fluctuations, lightning, electrostatic discharges and rapid over voltages.

Key Features

  • Sinewave inverter which delivers the same quality of power that you get from your mains
  • Safe for running all electronic appliances
  • Eliminates the humming noise
  • Produces clean green power & enhances battery life.
  • Reduces the electricity bills
  • Fast change over makes it ideal for computer applications as well.
  • Digital LCD display (optional): Battery Voltage, Inverter output voltage, Percentage of load, Main voltage,
  • Charger on/off, UPS mode(inverter mode), Phase input/output reverse, Neutral & Phase everse, Inverter/UPS stand by, All errors
  • Protections: Over load/Short circuit, Battery deep discharge, Battery over charge, Main over voltage,
  • Reverse connection of phase in & phase out, Reverse connection of phase & neutral of mains input.
  • Compact in design
  • Micro controller based and isolation based
  • Extra long backup
  • Fast switchover time
  • Overload indicator
  • Double conversion topology with enhanced control over the voltage and frequency
  • Wide input voltage & frequency window
  • LCD display and quality approved generator compatibility
  • In-built with necessary safety features like short circuit, over temperature, battery low/ high and mains MCB trip
  • Built in bypass facility in case of system failure
  • Configurable as tower or 19” rack
  • Line up and match battery cabinets
  • Front access user replaceable batteries
  • Includes MopUPS Express Communications Software
  • Optional MopUPS Professional Software
  • Remote power off
  • RS232 serial port interface
  • Communication card slot
  • Global approval UL (120V) TUV (230V)

Technical Specifications

Input Voltage Range:
140V to 280V
50Hz ± 3Hz
50Hz ± 3Hz
Output Voltage Range:
230V ± 9% 230V ± 9%
50Hz±0.5H 50Hz±0.5Hz
Waveform Syncro Quasi-sine wave
Transfer Time 3 to 8ms
Load power factor 0.6 lagging to unity
Inverter efficiency >77%
Charger Constant voltage with current Limiting
THD < 30%
Protection: • AC fuse protection (5A/1 OA)
• DC fuse protection (30A/35A)
• Short circuit (feedback)
• Low battery & overload (electronic shutdown)
• High charging cut off
Indications: • Mains /Charging
• On Battery
• Low Battery
• Overload
Audio Alarm: • Low Battery-Continuous beep will come fori minute prior to shutdown
• Overload - Instant shutdown with continuous beep
Computer Interface RS-232 port (optional)


The Online UPS are extensively used as major power back up source in the following segments:

Corporate Offices and Call Centers Banks & ATMs
Defense & Para Military Operations Network Servers, Hubs, Routers and Storage Devices
Aviation and Broadcasting Satellite & Communication Systems
Life Saving Medical Equipment & Diagnostic Labs Photography & Color Labs
  Vital Real Time & Process Control Equipment

Unfiltered electrical power supplied by utilities may contain harmonic sags, spikes or other noise. Introducing one or more UPS systems along the power supply chain will effectively eliminate these kinds of disturbances. Most importantly during power failure conditions, the UPS will bridge the critical power supply gap.

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